Melnik Alexei, Sousov Alexandr


Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies


Dr Elena A. Maklakova


The presentation is devoted to diesel engines which have high efficiency, durability and reliability combined with their low operational cost.

In addition to the widespread use of these engines, which have many advantages, they play an important role in solving the problems of environmental pollution around the world.

Diesel engines are considered one of the largest sources of environmental pollution caused by exhaust emissions, and they are also responsible for a number of health problems. In recent years, many policies around the world have been introduced to reduce the negative impact of diesel emissions on human health and the environment. Many studies have been conducted both on emissions of pollutants from the exhaust gases of diesel engines, and on technologies for controlling emissions after processing.

This presentation tells us about emissions from diesel engines, their control systems, and the effects of exhaust emissions on human health and the environment.

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