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Презентация “Drowning in Garbage”

Автор (ы)

Perekhoda Marina


Voronezh state University of forestry and technologies named after G.F. Morozov

Научный руководитель

Maklakova Elena


The article is devoted to describing the problem of garbage stockpiling in different countries of the planet.

The author provides specific information on the matter. Several countries are given as examples: Jakarta, Tokyo, Lagos, Sao Paulo, New York and Amsterdam. While the existing problem is relevant for all countries in the world, each has its own approach to the solution of it.

The most serious problem of our century is the categories of garbage that did not exist before. Plastic packaging, aluminum cans and glass bottles, the amount of that kind of wastes increasing from year to year. All this rubbish is stored on the surface of the planet and inevitably ends up in the waters of oceans, rivers and seas due to the lack of liability of man. According to the author, the day is not far off when there will be more garbage in the natural reservoirs than fish.

It should be highlighted that the author believes that waste production depends on the technological level of the country. The more the country is technogenic, the more pollution it will produce. However, the realization that something must be done is becoming worldwide. A number of countries take action to utilize stockpiled garbage already. The methods are completely various, from burning to recycling. The waste incineration process, of course, leads to some waste of recyclable materials. In its turn, recycling is a slower and labor-intensive process. The author examines the effectiveness of this on the example of Tokyo. In the case of garbage utilization, it is not a solution to the problem of its amount increasing. The author is considering the possibility of reducing its production. To sum it up, the idea of decreasing of rubbish production and further development of its utilization is a number one task for every modern ecologist.

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Дата публикации работы: 07.11.2020

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