Ahmed Ayman El-Sayed


Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies


Dr Elena A. Maklakova


Presentation report is devoted to free economic zones. It notes that the goals of free economic zones are to stimulate the country’s economic development and establish foreign economic relations.

The author analyzes the advantages of using special economic zones in which investors are provided with a system of benefits and preferences. The classification of special economic zones is also presented depending on their functions, the degree of integration into the economy and the benefits provided, etc. Special economic zones differ from other territories of the country in their essence: a special economic zone is a specially allocated territory with preferential currency and customs and tax treatment.

Joint ventures are underway in these territories, and foreign capital is invested in industry in the form of investments. Also, these territories have a special legal status.

The author notes the emergence of such economic zones in the Russian Federation, summarizes their effectiveness and highlights the prospects for their further development.

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